A Caley Conway performance is a trip inside her heart, guided by a soothing voice and hypnotic songwriting. But her breezy style and lilting melodies belie a profound depth of musicality—Caley’s songs embrace complexity, with dashes of dissonance and lyrics that are at once deeply personal and universally relatable. With candor and a disarming wit that that leaves audiences somewhere between chilled and chuckling, Conway sings openly about sex, codependence, apathy, and cheese.

“Bringing a brilliant songwriting spirit that focuses on melody and earnestness, Conway's music is relatable to a wide audience beyond the roots world."

- No Depression Magazine

That complexity is the result of a winding, adventurous musical path. After dropping out of college and embarking on three years of restless travel (with ukulele in tow), the Wisconsin native settled in Milwaukee’s Riverwest neighborhood and cut her teeth in its thriving local music scene. From 2012-2016 she fronted the Lucy Cukes, a country-tinged collaboration that produced the dreamy and whimsical Discipline Soup EP and culminated in the lush full-length Silk for Life.

“With a rare voice and sharp, detailed lyrics, [Conway] commands the center of her songs with a quiet ease that suggests she’s been at this for a while.” 

-Milwaukee Magazine

After the Lucy Cukes parted ways, Conway made a conscious shift—seeking independence in a male-dominated industry, she put all of her focus toward music. She switched to electric guitar, began performing solely under her own name, and called on a more fluid cast of players to fit her evolving style. With newfound resolve and increased control over her music, Caley quickly set to work on the B-side collection Barrels, self-recorded her Christmas album Heart be Light, and put together a new band for her next record.

Throughout her career, Conway has shared stages with renowned songwriters including Joan Shelley, Peter Mulvey, David Dondero, and Yowler. Recently, she made her debut as a member of Field Report at 2018’s Eaux Claires festival, where she also joined the likes of Julien Baker, Phoebe Bridgers, and Anaïs Mitchell in the Eaux Claires Women’s Choir. In addition to playing bass in the emotive post-rock project Cairns, Caley has contributed vocals with D’Amato’s ten-piece funk and soul group as well as Myles Coyne’s roots-inflected Rusty Nickel Band.

“With a voice that lulls you into a daydream and lyrics that bring you back to earth, [Conway] combines sharp wit with warm melodies to form a style distinctly her own.” 

-Breaking & Entering


Caley’s breadth of musical experience manifests as a profound versatility on stage. Whether playing an intimate solo set, performing with a duo or trio, or backed by a full band with backup singers, her infectious charm and utterly unique voice always take center stage. As No Depression Magazine put it, “Caley Conway is on her way to becoming the next big thing in folk music.”

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